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Lullabies of All the Mess

Eclectic Americana from Australian songwriter, living in America. Country Folk, Texas Swing, Bluegrass, Honkytonk, Classic Country. Mainstream to Avant garde. Highly original and groundbreaking. David T Carter is one of the first and one of the very few songwriters who put a new and modern lyrical and musical take on Classic Country of the 50’s and 60’s. The music is organically honed and crafted by a man who was raised in Australia, England and then found himself in America. You can hear the American roots, with English pop and the ambience of Australia weaved into this musical landscape.

The songs are quirky, humorous, poignant and emotional and will jump out and grab you onto a musical ride from start to finish.

Lullabies of all the Mess has all the personality of a Waits albums, and writers as such, but different in style. It stands out as a highly original work from the early nineties, if your looking for a hidden gem from the past, this is the one. The critically acclaimed debut CD by Trailer Park Rangers, “Lullabies of all the Mess” was recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati, Ca, home of many of the Tom Waits albums of the 90’s.

It was produced by David T Carter with Jerry Marquez & engineered by Jerry Marquez. 

It features musical saw,  live chickens, pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica, drums, bass, guitar, flies, wasps, water bottle, vocals, harmonies, raps and rhymes, to create a unique modern hillbilly sound that draws from the vintage “classic country” sounds of the 50’s and 60’s.

  1. Someday
  2. Goodnight Ilene
  3. Naples
  4. Suitably Safe
  5. Drag Queen
  6. Who’ll Put the Garbage out Today
  7. Lust in Space
  8. Howlin’ Moon Whiskey Smile
  9. I Drove a Million Miles Today
  10. Silence
  11. Holdin’ on to You and Me
  12. Meet You by the River

Everyone’s a Winner – Trailer Park Rangers

Americana, with folk, classic country, jazz, rockabilly, Cabaret, Texas Swing, Bluegrass and even Chinese Folk influences. vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric instruments, poetic lyrics, easy listening, memorable songwriting.

This is the second album Australian singer songwriter David T Carter recorded at Prairie Sun Studios with his Northern California band Trailer Park Rangers. The songs on the album were chosen by band mates and management at the time and represent a “best of ” selection of tunes that the band was performing while playing many memorable live shows.

The album demonstrates even more eclectic styles of writing from David T Carter including Country Cabaret, Tex Mex, Chinese Folk, Rockabilly, Space Country, American Folk, Western Swing, the album is a collage of American Roots music that challenges and pays tribute to the genre.

All songs are memorable for there own identity. David T Carter still draws from the early era of American roots music but gives it yet another fresh take One Maverick reviewer likened it to an all rides trip at an amusement park.

A 14 Song Album, containing best of songs from yet to be released albums “Everyone’s a Winner” TPR’s 2nd album was also recorded at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in Cotati and also engineered by Jerry Marquez @ features even newer musical styles such as ” Everyone’s a Winner” & ” The Ballad of Harry Black”. Also down home country fingerpicking songs such as “Ghost Train”, “Eleanor Darby”, and “Repo Man” pay homage to the sounds of Merle Travis, Chet Atkins with a Kris Kristofferson  type narrative.

Two songs from this album, “Eleanor Darby” & ” Rosalee” are soon to be released on a German record label & performed in an “Ed Wood” style by Billy Miller from Rocky Erickson & the Aliens, a long time friend of David T. Carter.

There are also some “country cabaret” style songs such as, ” The Worlds Loneliest Circus”,” Front Row Souvenirs” reminiscent of Roger Miller & Bob Wills and also an exquisite East meets West Ballad called “Shanghai Cowboy”.

  1. Everyone’s a Winner in This Town
  2. The World’s Loneliest Circus
  3. Front Row Souvenirs
  4. Aurellio Goncalves
  5. Shanghai Cowboy
  6. New York Fascination
  7. Ghost Train
  8. Trip to the Moon
  9. Night Rider
  10. The Nightwatchman
  11. The Ballad of Harry Black
  12. Eleanor Darby
  13. Repo Man
  14. Rosalee

A Strange Kind of BlueDavid T. Carter

Moving into yet another musical style, David T. Carter’s  debut album, “A Strange Kind Of Blue” takes from the lounge, jazz, “cocktail hour” music of the 50’s & 60’s, the decades he seems to reminisce on a lot, even the album cover has a visual similarity to one of Carter’s favorite films of the 60’s “The Swimmer” with Burt Lanchaster.

This album features the beautiful female voice of “Alison Harris”, a local folk singer from Sonoma County doing harmonies throughout the entire album, also footwork from Local Flamenco Artist “La Fibi” and a host of other great Sonoma County musicians, a very elegant album, once again drawing from the elegance of the 50’s & 60’s and putting a modern cool to it with an always subtle edge that keeps the music fresh at all times.

A Strange Kind Of Blue was produced by UK Producer Gavin Monoghan , who has a near 40 yr career with local and international artists such as Scott Matthews , Robert Plant, Editors, The Twang, The Blinders and worked in studios such as Abbey Road, BBC Maila Vale, Olympic Studio. Gavin tracked the album at Carter’s NorCal Studio and mixed the album back at his own Magic Garden Studios in Bristol, England. Gavin who was quoted after hearing Carters music for the first time as saying, “I love the, I’ve lost the map & don’t care anymore feeling I get when I listen to your music”.

  1. Missing My Baby’s Smile
  2. Honeymoon in Las Vegas
  3. Helpless Child
  4. Montana, New Orleans
  5. Whitey Ray
  6. My Angel
  7. One Step, Then Away
  8. Baby Your The Life Of The Party
  9. I’m Sewin’ Time
  10. California

Road Dramas – David T. Carter

“Road Dramas” is a 20 song collection of David T Carter songs, some dating back to 2001 recording sessions.

Coming Soon in 2022!

Musicians that appear on David T Cater's albums over the years including live performances:

Keyboardist: Mike Emerson, whos credits include; Tommy Castro, Carolyn Carter, Percy Sledge, Elvin Bishop, Marcia Ball, Christine Lakeland, Zigaboo Modeliste, The Drifters, Angela Strehli, Tracy Nelson, David Hidalgo, and Mark Karan.

Bassist: Joe Kyle Jr (original member of Trailer Park Rangers), whos Credits include; The Waybacks, Bob Weir (Grateful Dead)Elvis Costello, Tommy Emmanuel, Buddy Miller, Emmy Lou Harris, Gillian Welsh, David Rawlins, Joan Osborne, and Pete Seeger.

Pedal Steel: Dave Zirbel (Pedal Steel Guitar, Banjo, Guitar, & original member of Trailer Park Rangers), whos Credits include; Commander Cody, Sammy Haggar, Mother Truckers, Boz Scaggs, and Phil Leah (Grateful Dead).

Bassist: Chip Trombley (Drums, Vocals & original member of Trailer Park Rangers), whos credits include; Alison Harris, Twang Ditty, and Bohemian Hwy.

Vocalist: Sandy Griffith, whos credits include; Aretha Franklin, CurtisMayfield, Patti Austin, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Al Green, and Grover Washington Jr.

Other Musicians: Drummer Dave Rubin, Keyboardist, Rob Berger (Norah Jones), Fiddler, Oliver Meissner, Fiddler Doug Adams, Bassist Paul Hoffman, Guitarist Stevie Black, Bassst Pete Jungschaffer, and Vocalist Gailene Elliott.

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